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Air Conditioning

All About Geothermal: What You Need To Know

Geothermal heat pumps offer an alternative that can save energy and money.

Is Your A/C Maintaining the Right Humidity in Your Home?

The air conditioner’s main job is to control temperature, not humidity. Whenever the unit has to fight against excess humidity, it often wastes energy countering the large amounts of heat-holding water vapor to condition the air. 

Size a Heat Pump Properly for Effective Cooling and Humidity Control

To determine the correct unit size, a load calculation is necessary. This process includes measuring the cubic feet inside the home. That determines the amount of air space to be conditioned. The heat loss factor is determined by the amount of insulation in the roof and the building envelope.

The History of Refrigerant Gases

The earliest modern air conditioners were intended for large-scale cooling operations; they used refrigerant chemicals that were appropriate for those applications, such as ammonia and carbon dioxide. As the industry's focus shifted to smaller residential and commercial units, sulfur dioxide, methyl chloride and other new refrigerants entered popular usage.

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Air Quality

Which Whole-House Filtration System is Right for Your Home?

If you struggle with allergies, asthma or any respiratory condition, an efficient whole-house air cleaning/filtration system is a must. Even if you're breathing easy right now, maintaining good indoor air quality is critical to ensuring you stay healthy well into the future.

Get Better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) With These Allergy-Proofing Tips

Ventilation, humidity control, dusting & mopping, keeping pets clean, and using indoor plants help improv indoor air quality.

Is Your Home's Air Causing Your Health Problems?

It's easy to assume that the air inside a home is cleaner than the air outside, but that's not necessarily true. In fact, there's a good chance that you are regularly breathing in all kinds of indoor air pollutants. You may not realize it consciously, but the signs are probably there. Indoor air quality is important, but people often put it on the back burner and needlessly suffer the consequences in the form of asthma attacks and allergic reactions like wheezing and congestion.

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What's the Typical Life Span of a Furnace?

A question most homeowners don't face often is regarding furnace life span. However, if you own an older home or are buying an existing house, it helps to know the signs of a failing furnace and when it might be time to think about replacing it.

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Money Saving and Energy

Simple Ways to Cut Back on Heating Costs This Winter

To cut back on winter heating bills:  consider a programmable thermostat, change the filter every 30 days, weatherstrip doors and windows, and schedule preventative maintenance.

Let Energy Tax Credits Help With a Home Efficiency Upgrade This Fall

These extended 2013 federal tax credits are available to all United States homeowners who seek to install a new HVAC system or product in their primary place of residency.

State of the Art: Bryant's Evolution System

Bryant's Evolution System gives you control over temperature, humidity, indoor air quality, fan speed and ventilation.

Upgrade Your HVAC System for Extended 25C Tax Rebates

You can take advantage of extended tax credits and great rebates to make the most of your HVAC upgrade. Your Florida Bryant Dealers can help you choose efficient HVAC equipment that meets your needs and will make you eligible to claim tax credits.

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